Mourning Dove Hunt

Few things are as challenging, exhilarating, and relaxing as dove hunting!  Like many places, we hunt our mourning doves over water holes.  However, instead of being limited to one or two tanks, the Mariposa has thirty-two ponds from which to choose.  That gives us the edge retaining and finding birds since they tend to relocate periodically and after each cold front.  This also enables us to accommodate larger groups of hunters and allows us to rest the doves by closing the tank(s) for a few days after an afternoon of shooting.  The area around each pond has ample cover and plenty of open space for unobstructed shooting.  All the water banks have been sloped and bladed.  Periodically, we shred the grass and weeds in the area to aid in cattle trapping and roundup.  This also entices the doves and makes it easier for the hunters to locate the downed birds.  Unless you travel abroad, you will not find a better dove hunt than on the Mariposa Ranch.

Mourning Dove Hunt Mourning Dove Hunt