FAQs - Rio Grande Turkey

Q: What are the 2014-15 season dates for turkey hunting?

A: The regular season for turkey opens Nov. 3rd and closes Feb. 24th. The spring season opens Mar. and closes Apr.

Q: What is included in your turkey package?

A: Our turkey package is $1,600/man. It is a two or three night stay, depending on your arrival. It includes lodging, meals, guides, drinks, and your turkey. There are no trophy fees. For additional information, please see our price list and general faq's.

Q: How are your turkey hunts conducted?

A: Your guide will drive you to your blind before daylight and pick you up around 10:30 that morning. Around 3:00 that afternoon your guide will drive you to another blind and pick you up at dark. These are general guidelines. We can adjust the schedule to suit each individual.

Q: May I walk around and call for turkey?

A: Yes, as long as you remain within 200 yards of the blind. However, we suggest that you remain in the blind or close to it. You will have a much better chance of getting your bird.

Q: Should I bring a shotgun or rifle?

A: If you have both, bring both. The rifle will be handy for shots over thirty yards and/or for birds close together.

Q: What about the particulars on guns we should use?

A: The shotgun should be a 12 gauge choked full. Excellent small caliber rifles are .22 Hornet, .218 B, .222, and .223.