FAQs - Bobwhite Quail

Q: What are the 2014-15 season dates for quail hunting?

A:  Although the season usually opens at the end of October, we do not begin hunting quail until the first of January. We will continue hunting quail through the last Sunday of February.

Q: What is included in your quail package?

A:  Our quail package is $3,200/man. The package is a two day hunt and is a two or three night stay, depending on your arrival. It includes lodging, meals, drinks, guides, vehicles, dog trainers, and dogs, and a round of sporting clays. It does not include shotgun shells. For additional information, please see our price list and general faq's.

Q: How do you conduct the quail hunt?

A:  Your guide drives along a quail road while you sit topside and the trainer works the dog from the front of the truck.  Once a covey is pointed, you'll dismount, catch the rise and work the singles.  Once three birds are down or the covey has been worked enough, you'll pick up, load up, and look for another covey. 

Q: What times do we hunt?

A:  Generally, the morning hunt begins with a wake up call at 6:00 and breakfast at 6:30.  You will load up at 7:00 and pick up at 11:00.  You will load up for the afternoon hunt around 2:30 and pick up close to dark.  Departure times will be adjusted as the sunrise and sunset times change.

Q: If four of us decide to go, may we all hunt on the same quail rig?

A:  Yes.  However, we allow no more than two shooters on the ground at a time. The third and/or fourth man will only be charged $600 each.

Q: If it's raining, is there room enough for everyone to ride inside?

A:  Yes.  Each of our four quail rigs is a customized F350 4×4 with aluminum bed and cages.

Q: Do you have enough dog power for the entire season?

A:  Yes.  At any given time, we have over 100 dogs, of the pointing breed, on the ranch and ready to go.  Each rig goes out with at least eight pointing dogs and one to three labs.

Q: How many birds may I kill?

A:  We do not release any birds.  This is strictly wild bird hunting.  Therefore, state law applies; 15 birds/day, 45 in possession.

Q: What type of shotgun should I bring?

A:  For safety reasons, we prefer you use a side-by-side or over/under.  Our house guns are Beretta o/u's.

Q: What chokes should I use?

A:  These birds are tough, fast flyers.  We suggest you use tighter than normal chokes.

Q: May I hunt with my auto or pump shotgun?

A:  Yes. However, we require the magazine to be plugged (limited to two shells in mag.).