FAQs - Nilgai

Q: What are the season dates for Nilgai hunting?

A: Nilgai may be hunted year around. However, we normally hunt Nilgai from mid-October through the end of April.

Q: Do I hunt Nilgai from a blind?

A: This hunt is a safari-style hunt. You will shoot from the truck. If you have purchased a different package (I.e Buck Hunt), you may shoot a Nilgai from the blind for an additional charge.

Q: What is included in your nilgai package?

A: Our nilgai package covers two full days of hunting, with a two or three night stay at the ranch. It includes lodging, meals, drinks, guides, vehicles, and your nilgai (bull or cow). There is no trophy fee. Most shots are from 75 to 150 yards. A hit is considered a kill and the guide has the final say on this. For additional information, please see our price list and general faq's.

Q: How much is a nilgai hunt?

A: Our nilgai package is $3,200/man.

Q: How are your nilgai hunts conducted?

A: You will be awaken at 6:00 and have breakfast at 6:30.  You will leave with your guide at daylight and return to the lodge around 11:45 for lunch.  You will depart again after lunch and hunt until dark.  Of course, this schedule can be adjusted to better suit you.

Q: Which rifle do you recommend?

A: We require that you bring a rifle that shoots at least a 180 grain bullet.

Q: Do they make good table fare?

A: Yes, excellent.