FAQs - Mourning Dove

Q: What are the 2014-15 season dates for dove hunting?

A: Our dove season is a split season Once dates are received, they will be posted here.

Q: How many birds may we kill?

A: Each hunter may kill fifteen birds per day, thirty in possession.

Q: What is included in your dove package?

A: It is a two day hunt. You should arrive late morning in time for lunch and depart after breakfast the third day. It includes lodging, meals, drinks, guides, and a round of sporting clays. For additional information, please see our price list and general faq's.

Q: How are your dove hunts conducted?

A: Our dove hunt consists of two afternoon shoots.  We will depart to the water holes at least two hours prior to sunset.  This is a general guideline, and can be adjusted to your schedule.

Q: Do we hunt dove in the morning?

A: Our package does not include a morning hunt.  For an additional charge, you may participate in a morning hunt.  However, any kills apply to your daily bag limit.

Q: Aside from the afternoon hunt, what other activities are available?

A: You may relax in our hot spring tub, fish for bass, and/or shoot sporting clays. For additional fees, you may hunt other game in season (i.e. nilgai, hogs, javelina).

Q: What about fishing tackle?

A: If you have a fly rod or small rod and reel, bring it.

Q: What type of shotgun should I bring?

A: Which ever you are comfortable shooting.  However, auto's and pumps must have the magazine plugged.

Q: What chokes should I use?

A: A modified or tighter seems to work well.