FAQs - Whitetail Buck

Q: What are the 2014-15 season dates for buck hunting?

A: Once dates are received, they will be posted here.

Q: What is included in your deer package?

A: Our deer package is $4,000/man. The package is a two day hunt and is a two or three night stay, depending on your arrival. It includes lodging, meals, guides, drinks, and all amenities, including your first whitetail buck. There are no trophy fees. Tips and hunting licenses are not included. For additional information, please see our price list and general faq's.

Q: How are your deer hunts conducted?

A: Your guide will drive you to your blind before daylight and pick you up around 10:30 that morning.  Around 3:00 that afternoon your guide will drive you to another blind and pick you up at dark.  These are general guidelines.  We can adjust the schedule to suit each individual.

Q: Which rifle do you recommend?

A: We require that you bring a rifle that shoots at least a 150 grain bullet.

Q: May I use my black powder gun?

A: No.

Q: May we hike around and look for deer?

A: No.  However, you may move off a little ways from the blind and rattle for deer.

Q: May I shoot game from the truck?

A: On your way to or from a blind, except on certain roads, yes.  However, you may not pursue the animal so as to get a shot.  If you wish to safari style hunt, you may do so for an additional fee.

Q: Should I field dress the animal?

A: No.  We will do that for you.

Q: What dates are best for hunting big bucks?

A: Some hunters like to come at the beginning of the season because the bucks are more predictable coming to the feeders. Others like to come later in the season during the rut because the bucks are on the move and respond well to rattling. Still others come toward the end of the season because of the cooler weather.

Q: When is the rut?

A: Bucks will start to rut around Thanksgiving.  The peak of the rut usually occurs the last two or three weeks of December.